Hidden surprise – part 1

Mystery stone with a hidden surprise

Awhile back, someone gave me a small cottage cheese carton of polished rocks that her father used to own. In it was a yellow one that looked like polished clay.

I took it to Rock Club tonight to try to find out what it was. I asked Doug–who didn’t know–and wondered if the inside would look the same as the outside. It was too large to use as a pendant and the color didn’t make my heart sing. Should I just toss it? Doug observed that the markings on it were quite interesting and suggested there could be more on the inside.


Being the lovely fellow he is, Doug agreed to cut it in half for me. (I keep getting static-electricity shocks when I use the rock saw. I’m the only one this happens to, so apparently I’m special). 

Imagine our surprise when we saw the inside of that unassuming stone! It appears to be agate, with one side having an additional inclusion.

I used one of the genies at Rock Club to start to shape and polish the rock, checking its shape as I worked. Genies are machines with six 6″ rubber wheels embedded with diamond grit. The wheels progress from those with coarse grit for shaping to those with very fine grit for polishing. (I used those machines for months and had no clue they were called “genies.”)

Shaping clay stone on the coarsest wheel of a genie

Checking the shape of the clay stone

Water on the clay stone gives it a sheen

I started with the larger half of the stone, and it is about two-thirds of the way done now. I probably have another 45 minutes of grinding and polishing to do on it. Here are photos of its front and back. (Note the clear agate on the back, which wasn’t visible before I ground off the outer layer of the stone.)

Partly polished inside of clay stone

Outside of partly polished clay stone

I’m looking forward to seeing a glassy finish on both halves of this stone.

I’m so happy this mystery stone with a hidden surprise got cut in half.

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