Alberta’s health care is in crisis

Alberta’s health care is in crisis.

The sweeping policy changes made by Tyler Shandro, Jason Kenney, and the UCP to take effect April 1–now, isn’t that a date with interesting connotations?–won’t affect only doctors in our province. It will affect every single Alberta resident. Most of us have no idea how far-reaching and disastrous those effects will be.

What the government’s health care changes mean to you

Here are some links to help you understand the implications of the upcoming changes to Alberta’s health care:






    I’d like to highlight two sentences in this article:

“In addition to targeting education, post secondary students, and many other public sector workers, the government has used recent omnibus bills to give itself the power to withdraw from all previous or future contract agreements with doctors and nurses, and given itself the power to dictate where newly licensed doctors are allowed to practice in the province.”

“Who wants to work in a socialist dystopia where the government gets to tell you where to work, and unilaterally cut your income with little to no notice without negotiation or consultation?”

Doctors’ communications


Follow this thread on Twitter as one doctor attempts to educate our MLA, Ron Orr, on the economics of the health care system and how doctor billing works. (It appears to be an uphill battle.) https://twitter.com/KashaMomMD/status/1233968594477674497 

Information prepared by Alberta doctors

(Right click on small images to open a readable document in a new window.)

Impact on Alberta health care costs

How Alberta doctors are paid

How (most) doctors are paid in AB

Comparison of family doctors’ pay between Alberta and other provinces

New Alberta medical office billing vs. Saskatchewan billing

5 reasons the UCP cuts to doctors are not Right Wing

Is Alberta still competitive?

Town hall meeting in Lacombe, March 7, 1 PM, Lacombe Memorial Centre

Learn how the new government health care changes will impact you, our hospital, and our community. Come hear what the proposed changes may mean for access to your doctor and the future of rural health care.

Lacombe town hall meeting, March 7

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