Hidden surprise – part 2

Do you remember the mystery stone with a hidden surprise?

As it happens, there were more surprises in store after I blogged about this stone.

For starters, it took me a good deal longer than 45 minutes to finish grinding and polishing the two halves of the stone–especially after I decided the partially ground and polished cabochons were too thick. This was a weight consideration; many people prefer lighter necklaces.

As I worked on these cabochons at the Genie, more colours and patterns were revealed. I am amazed at the colours in this stone.

Front of mystery stone cabochons

To me, now that they are polished, they look like Werther’s candies with chocolate and nougat added. (Actually, everyone who saw them thought they looked like candy.)

The cabochon backs were as beautiful as the fronts, in a less-defined way. They have lovely, subtle colouring and patterns.

Backs of mystery stone cabochons

Naturally, these cabochons caught the attention of Rock Club members. (We’re always checking out what everyone else is doing.) When our amazing beading lady, Carolyn, saw the cabochons–and commented again that they looked like candy–she said, “You should make those into reversible pendants.”

She was right. Reversible couple pendants! How cool is that?

What do you think? (Is your mouth watering yet?)

I’ve started preparing the copper that will be made into the bezels to hold the cabochons. (Thanks to Doug for his assistance with the rolling press.) I’ll post photos of the completed pendants when I get to that point, but…

If you want to see the steps that show how I get there, you’ll have to sign up for my newsletter! (That’s the kind of information only subscribers get to see.)

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