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In addition to a new design, the revamped site will offer a storefront.
In the meantime, you can view items for sale in my Etsy shop.

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To create lasting, eye-catching jewelry that makes women feel special, brings them joy, and inspires them to express their unique selves.


To encourage women to celebrate their inner beauty and personality every day with jewelry that reflects their style, whether classic, dramatic, or playful.

Get To Know | Barb Murrin

Favorite Travel Spot:   Any mountain golf course in Western Canada

Can’t Live Without:   My family—and their love and support

Must-Have “Accessories”:   My cell phone and my Kindle

Best Advice:   Be true to yourself and your values. Live  every day with enthusiasm. Be kind to yourself and others. Keep learning.

Describe myself in one Word:   Creative

Secret Talents:   Composing and arranging for orchestra; creating stained glass designs and builds


Don’t want jewelry no one else has?
   You should probably look elsewhere.

Don’t want your jewelry to be noticed?
   My creations may not be for you.

Want to pay department or craft store silver-plated prices?
   That’s not my niche.

Looking for something that costs thousands of dollars?
   Move along. Nothing to see here….


Are you interested in unusual designs—perhaps, unexpected materials or techniques? (Ahem…those might be my experiments while learning new techniques…or even happy accidents!)
   Yup. That’s a fit.

Do you own a sentimental treasure you’d like made into a custom and unique piece of jewelry?
   You’re in exactly the right place!
   I can deliver something special for you (with as little or much input from you as you’d like).

While you will see a few stock designs with different color or material choices, you will soon notice that the majority of items made by Barb’s Outlet are one of a kind—just like you!

One of my Favorite Sayings

“Nothing succeeds like success.”

I have been designing and creating jewelry since late 2017 (when I decided to learn how to transform the rocks I’d polished for my grandchildren into jewelry). Prior to that, I taught music and business; worked as legal, administrative, and executive assistants; and developed online training for the oil and gas industry.

Making jewelry is a lot more fun! (Just saying….)

My favorite metal to work with is Argentium silver. Why? Because it resists tarnishing, is hypoallergenic, is made from 100% recycled silver, and is easy to work with (other than the soldering challenge of it fusing to itself when I don’t want it to). That’s a lot to like.

I am continually learning new techniques and studying to improve my skills…so keep an eye out for new designs and offerings.

If it’s summertime–and I’m not making jewelry or reading–you’ll likely find me on a golf course.

I love to create jewelry…

– That women will fall in love with…
– That will stand out from the crowd…
– That will last for years.

Are you ready to fall in love with something that speaks to you?