Alberta health care changes


Alberta public healthcare

Alberta public healthcare   Commentary: What, exactly, makes the government think it’s okay: - For them to lie to the people they are supposed to be caring for and “representing” (what a joke); - Break their word; - Break the law with impunity (contracts with doctors, nurses, and teachers); - Treat healthcare workers with disdain and disregard as though they are worthless (running smear campaigns against them at the same time); - Expect said physicians, other healthcare workers, and educators to continue risking their lives during th[...]


Alberta health care update

Alberta health care update Christine P. Molnar, president of the Alberta Medical Association, has issued a statement that discussions will continue next week with the Alberta government in an attempt toward a physician agreement that provides value for patients, fairness for physicians, and affordability for the system. You can read Dr. Molnar's statement here.  While this is a step in the right direction--and doctors are attempting to remain cautiously optimistic--government's previous actions have severely undermined both the public's and the phy[...]


Alberta’s health care is in crisis

Alberta's health care is in crisis. The sweeping policy changes made by Tyler Shandro, Jason Kenney, and the UCP to take effect April 1--now, isn't that a date with interesting connotations?--won't affect only doctors in our province. It will affect every single Alberta resident. Most of us have no idea how far-reaching and disastrous those effects will be. Here are some links to help you understand the implications of the upcoming changes to Alberta's health care:[...]