COVID-19 Updates

 SHIPPING DELAYS NOTICE Canada Post advises that delivery times are at least one week longer than usual--so add that time to the estimated delivery date for any Barb's Outlet Etsy orders. Canada Post is dealing with Christmas volumes of mail, due to people ordering online rather than shopping in stores. I believe the US postal system is dealing with the same situation. GIFT BOXES AND MESSAGING AVAILABLE AGAIN, but... Keep in mind that packages are handled by many people. According to a recent study, this is how long the coronavirus can surviv[...]


Alberta health care update

Alberta health care update Christine P. Molnar, president of the Alberta Medical Association, has issued a statement that discussions will continue next week with the Alberta government in an attempt toward a physician agreement that provides value for patients, fairness for physicians, and affordability for the system. You can read Dr. Molnar's statement here.  While this is a step in the right direction--and doctors are attempting to remain cautiously optimistic--government's previous actions have severely undermined both the public's and the phy[...]