At the Workbench


Hidden surprise – part 2

Do you remember the mystery stone with a hidden surprise? As it happens, there were more surprises in store after I blogged about this stone. For starters, it took me a good deal longer than 45 minutes to finish grinding and polishing the two halves of the stone--especially after I decided the partially ground and polished cabochons were too thick. This was a weight consideration; many people prefer lighter necklaces. As I worked on these cabochons at the Genie, more colours and patterns were revealed. I am amazed at the colours in this stone.[...]


Hidden surprise – part 1

Mystery stone with a hidden surprise Awhile back, someone gave me a small cottage cheese carton of polished rocks that her father used to own. In it was a yellow one that looked like polished clay. I took it to Rock Club tonight to try to find out what it was. I asked Doug--who didn't know--and wondered if the inside would look the same as the outside. It was too large to use as a pendant and the color didn't make my heart sing. Should I just toss it? Doug observed that the markings on it were quite interesting and suggested there could be more on the in[...]


My other half – part 1

I bet you thought I was going to talk about my husband, right? I'm not. This post is about a project I'm currently working on, and the thought process behind it. A few months ago, I took a green jasper to Rock Club (the Lacombe Handicraft and Lapidary Guild). It was too large to use for a pendant, so I asked about cutting it in half. When Harv told me to just hold it on either side and pass it through the saw, I had visions of losing the ends of my fingers. I actually thought he was kidding. He wasn't. To my relief, he cut that first stone for me. I shap[...]